the hong kong documentary initiative

Hong Kong Documentary Initiative aims to support and nurture local emerging documentary filmmakers in making their mark in the documentary community.

About Us

Documentary is a powerful medium to tell poignant stories and drive positive changes. The Hong Kong Documentary Initiative is a programme based in the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at The University of Hong Kong. We aim to gather local and international expertise in order to build a dynamic documentary filmmaking scene in Hong Kong.

Past Projects

Seed Grants

2015 – 2018, 3 rounds, 13 projects

Master Classes

8 Series, 20 Classes

Dialogue with Filmmakers

34 Dialogues, 20 Interviews


Ruby Yang

Oscar Winner and Project Director

Ying Chan

Founding Director of JMSC

Nancy Tong

Creative Advisor and filmmaker

Filmmakers who took part in our programme

More than 40 filmmakers from US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Chile, Japan, Philippines, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; over 50 events, 3,000 participants. Notable visiting filmmakers from around the world:



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